CeDel Solutions launches catalog search tool

This week, at LiveWorx 2016, CeDeL Solutions launched its first commercial Java tool for Creo Schematics.

The tool greatly improves the efficiency when instancing components, wires and cables that are chosen based on values in a dataset.

This new tool reduces the number of clicks from around 20 to 8 and greatly improves the user's efficiency.

Rather than having to remember what item to select from the Catalog Explorer, the user can just search by one or more parameters in a dataset and then choose from the set of items that are associated with the dataset. Once instanced, the user can then apply the found dataset and also update the number of pins, if it's a variable connector. For instance, a user could search for components by part_number, or series and for wires/cables by spool_name. The user is then presented with a list of items that match the search critieria, shown in the catalog explorer.