PTC improves Cabling and Piping in Creo Elements/Pro (Wildfire) 5.0

PTC rocked the cabling world with the release of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 and its new Cabling extension. After many years of being 'out in the cold' with the menu manager PTC have implemented a Wildfire interface for both the Cabling and Piping extensions.

For Cabling especially PTC spent a lot of time in design and usability testing to improve the overall routing experience and to provide a quick 'ramp-up' for new users. The interface is slick and fast and provides great preview and editing facilities to ensure that what you get is what you want.

Cabling was even available for usability testing at the 2009 edition of PTC/User World Event.

Autorouting can still play a central role but users who don't want to route networks also have the ability to route cables and wires in 'simple' mode and then bunch them together to define routes through the assembly. Cabling  works hard to maintain the connectivity to the connectors whilst allowing the user to modify the route and move wires between bunches.

Whether autorouting  or manually routing the system provides a new Route Cables dialog that provides a central point for finding or creating wires to route and investigating why wires may not route in the model (e.g. if the logical data is not fully defined, or if the minimum bend radius has been exceeded).

The UI feels very Wildfire-like with great use of dashboards, collectors and shortcut (RMB) menus to speed up the process and enable the user to understand what has been selected before hitting that Apply button. Undo is supported too!

This quick review doesn't fully explain the new tools and interface. Expect more articles in the near future as we investigate the other improvements that have been added.

Piping has also had an overhaul  to provide a Wildfire look and feel. The tools still operate largely as they did before but now there is greater use of collectors and toolbars to provide quick access and feedback in the commands.

We strongly recommend updating your licenses and giving the new tools a try - we think you'll be amazed by them!  Find out more here .