Engaging CeDeL Solutions
There are three ways to engage the services of CeDeL Solutions affected by how you purchase PTC software and services.

The best way is to engage CeDeL Solutions directly. Simply contact us to arrange when is suitable for the engagement and provide a purchase order for our services and we will come to you. If the services you require allow for off-site work (e.g. catalog conversion, virtual training) then this can also be accommodated.

Alternatively, we can provide services as a sub-contractor to PTC or a VAR (Value Added Reseller). If you can only obtain services through either of these agencies then you can insist on CeDeL Solutions to provide the services. It is still advisable to contact us so a provisional arrangement can be made but final arrangements will be handled by PTC or your VAR.

Note: Payment can be made in advance, via purchase order/invoice and credit card as required.