Training Services

Duration: Varies

Certified PTC training

PTC offers three courses specifically around the Routed Systems Tools. CeDeL Solutions is a certified training partner and is certified in courses for Routed Systems Designer, Pro/CABLING and Pro/PIPING. We can be brought in with your VAR or PTC to deliver these courses. For more details please see how to engage CeDeL Solutions.

Custom training

Custom training is also available through CeDeL Solutions. Custom training provides a dedicated instructor for the duration of the training, however instead of standard training material the users are taught with company specific diagrams and assemblies. Only topics relevant to the company’s process will be discussed. Custom training requires 5 day development and 2 day delivery.

Virtual training

CeDeL Solutions can provide virtual training that can significantly cut down on expenses. This can be provided through PTC or directly by CeDeL Solutions.