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CeDeL Solutions is a PTC Software Partner and can provide customized Java code to assist users with the creation, reporting and maintenance of their Routed Systems Designer (RSD) designs. If you have specific requirements that are not addressed by RSD out of the box then we may be able to address them using the Java toolkit that is available for users of RSD*.

Projects that have been produced in the past include:

  • Specialized reporting tools

  • Special automatic naming conventions

  • Assigning properties to items in the design from a database

  • Criteria-based application of properties

  • Catalog search tools to find components and assign datasets after placing

  • Block-Wiring Interconnect Diagram (BID/WID) management

  • Design rule checking

If you would like more information please contact CeDeL Solutions by clicking here and we can discuss your requirements.

* Note: RSD Lite does not support the Java toolkit

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