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Pro/DIAGRAM to RSDesigner conversion 

Even though PTC is developing a conversion tool from Pro/DIAGRAM to RSDesigner only those diagrams that are in active use need to be converted. We recommend users move to RSDesigner as soon as possible for new designs.

To this end your Pro/DIAGRAM catalog provides the most benefit to you when moving from Pro/DIAGRAM to RSDesigner. CeDeL Solutions can assist with the conversion process as a fixed price service and can also produce a template for new design sheets.

 Benefits of RSDesigner over Pro/DIAGRAM

The launch of RSDesigner 7 means that a catalog administrator has much more control of their catalog than in Pro/DIAGRAM.  Users are prohibited from editing Central Catalog items and updates to the catalog can be propagated in a measured and controlled way. RSDesigner also provides more control for standard data, such as cables and components, through the use of datasets and membermaps.

RSDesigner has a greater range of component variations thus improving the style of diagrams that can be produced.

RSDesigner can be used to generate hierarchical diagrams such as Block and Wiring Interconnection diagrams with relationships maintained between the two.

RSDesigner is a standalone application so it does not tie up your Pro/ENGINEER licenses.

Pro/DIAGRAM to RSDesigner conversion training

CeDeL Solutions can provide specialized training to Pro/DIAGRAM users to quickly get them up to speed on RSDesigner. It is taught from a Pro/DIAGRAM perspective to allow users to quickly convert to the RSDesigner concepts in terms they understand and develop their skills using the tool. 


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