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Creo Cabling Extension Adoption Package
I: CABLING Extension Foundation
II: User Training
III: Project Mentoring

Phase II: Cabling Extension User Training

User Training(24-64 hours)

The second phase of the Cabling Adoption Package is to focus on providing the proper education and implementation assistance.  
The following training recommendations will help prepare the users for the proposed development process and pilot project kickoff in Phase III.
To provide customers with price, purchase and location flexibility, as well as to accommodate different learning styles, CeDeL is certified to deliver PTC classes onsite or develop custom classes. Note: PTC classes must be booked through PTC and Cassandra Kemp must be requested as a instructor.

PTC Training

Prerequistes: Introduction to Creo Parametric + 40 hours hands-on time*
Modeling 3-D Electrical Harnesses with Creo Cabling Extension (3 days)
Cabling using PTC Creo (3 days)

CeDeL Custom Training

The students are taught with company specific harness designs.  The customize course introduces the users to the company start template, library components and foundation setup such as reports, drawing templates and configurations.

Custom training requires 7 day development and 2 day delivery. 

In the custom course, the students will learn the following topics

  • Use large assembly management and modeling structure including skeletons and data sharing features with the mechanical Creo Parametric designs

  • Define methods to create and assembly connectors and components

  • Develop network pathways for auto routing

  • Establish best practices for harness design and manufacturing tools

  • Document harness drawings and generate report bill of material and wire run lists

  • Demonstrate methods for troubleshooting and resolving failures  in the harness design

Phase I should be performed before the training class so that the students will have a supporting structure after the course.

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