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Creo Schematics Frequently Asked Questions
This section addresses frequently asked questions about Routed Systems Designer (RSD), covering such topics as central catalog, multi-user, PDMLink and reordering variable connectors.
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What items are managed through the Central Catalog? 2009
What items are not managed through the Central Catalog? 2108
What does timestamp invalid mean? 1961
What does CC older mean? 1871
What does CC new mean? 2278
What does Update do? 1877
What is the local catalog? 1825
How do I switch between the roles? 1840
How do I work with multiple users on the same design? 1870
What PDM systems are supported? 1856
How do I install the Workgroup Manager for RSD? 1936
How do I generate the viewable sheets? 2115
How do I check out a design? 1849
How do I create a from/to (a.k.a. wire run) list for my design? 1976
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