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CeDeL Solutions specializes in PTC's Creo Routed Systems tools. This site provides visitors with product news, information and how to engage us to make your systems more efficient. Call 617-930-7330 for details.

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Cabling Extension
Creo Cabling Extension Adoption Package PDF Print E-mail

A summary of expected benefits includes:

  • Increase user knowledge base

  • Create electronic information flow that can be accessed anytime.

  • Minimize errors when transferring data between systems

  • Clear documentation of process and designs

  • Extract information to other groups such as marketing, sales, and manufacturing.

The adoption package for Creo Cabling Extension (formerly Pro/CABLING) is broken up into three separate phases, Foundation, User Training and Mentoring.


Process Improvement Analysis PDF Print E-mail

The duration of the Process Improvement Analysis is 3 days.   Below is an outline of the activities performed during the engagement.

Day 1

  • Meet with team and management set expectations and agenda
  • Tour the plant and operations
  • Review current deliverables
  • Identify group of individuals that will be interviewed
  • Begin interviews with staff
  • Document results

Day 2

  • Continue interviews with staff
  • Review models and current issues
  • Document results

Day 3

  • Collate information from interviews and process observation
  • Review investigation and action plan with management

For more details please contact us .

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