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CeDeL Solutions specializes in PTC's Creo Routed Systems tools. This site provides visitors with product news, information and how to engage us to make your systems more efficient. Call 617-930-7330 for details.

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NC3D: Ninja Cabling 3D at PTC Live 2014

Cassandra Kemp from CeDeL Solutions, along with Brian Martin from NASA Goddard presented "Ninja Cabling 3D" at PTC Live 2014.

Product Family: PTC Creo
Target Audience: Industrial Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Mechanical Engineers
Experience Level: Intermediate

BEST PRACTICES: Over the last two years, the "Ninja Cabling" series has attempted to embolden users to learn and use PTC  Creo Cabling. By offering simple techniques to automatically route cables, I've sought to dispell the myths that the software is difficult to use, hard to learn, and requires PTC Creo Schematics to be truly powerful.

This year "NC3D: Ninja Cabling 3D" will go several steps farther toward bringing PTC Creo Cabling into mainstream use. The "lesson" of this year's presentation will be how to develop harnesses using PTC Creo Cabling using the simple, easy-to-remember "Ninja Cabling" techniques. Using simple sketches, networks, logical reference files, and autorouting, attendees will learn to use PTC Creo Parametric 2.0 to route cables. In addition, some new advanced topics such as routing on-the-fly, re-routing, and replacing portions of cables will also be covered. 

PTC releases Creo Schematics 2.0

PTC shook up the CAD market with the departure from the Wildfire brand to Creo with the modern ribbon user interface. They also revamped the Routed Systems Designer brand with Creo Schematics also sporting the new Office-style ribbon user interface and some other new UI improvements too. Feedback from customers has been very positive and the good news is that IT'S COMPATIBLE WITH WILDFIRE TOO!

Creo Cabling Extension Adoption Package

A summary of expected benefits includes:

  • Increase user knowledge base

  • Create electronic information flow that can be accessed anytime.

  • Minimize errors when transferring data between systems

  • Clear documentation of process and designs

  • Extract information to other groups such as marketing, sales, and manufacturing.

The adoption package for Creo Cabling Extension (formerly Pro/CABLING) is broken up into three separate phases, Foundation, User Training and Mentoring.


New Product FAQ section

We have started putting together a FAQ section for the products that we handle. As time progresses we will add more to it so that this will provide a useful repository of knowledge about PTC's Routed Systems tools.

Right now you can see FAQs that we've encountered that are especially addressed by RSDesigner 7 here.

Creo Schematics Java Classes Available

The free Java classes that were developed by Quintic Ltd are now available for download from the Members section. These classes mostly include source code so that they can be used as examples of how to retrieve the swathes of intelligent information that exists in a Creo Schematics (formerly RSDesigner) design. These classes assist with retrieving connectivity, locating items on other sheets, assigning values to components based on connected wires and also building up cable membermaps.

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