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CeDeL Solutions specializes in PTC's Creo Routed Systems tools. This site provides visitors with product news, information and how to engage us to make your systems more efficient. Call 617-930-7330 for details.

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CeDeL Solutions will be at LiveWorx 2017

CeDeL Solutions is presenting a paper titled "USING IOT TO TURBO-CHARGE CREO" , highlighting how designs in Creo Schematics can be updated to show the output of IoT systems such as ThingWorx. This presentation ties in neatly with PTC's recent announcement of a partnership with Ansys.


Creo Schematics provides support for system diagrams that can represent IoT infrastructures from device to back-end system. Further, Creo Schematics can be used to represent directly connected devices to form a more complex system. Coupled with the API provided with Creo Schematics, engineers and diagnosticians can combine real-time feedback from an installed system and display it on the system diagram with Creo Schematics. The live display can then be interrogated further to get down to the lower level wiring diagrams in order to verify designs and diagnose issues. We will demonstrate how this can be done and walk through how it can be set up, so you can understand the broader use of the IoT and Creo toolsets in novel scenarios. 

View Cassandra's bio to get an idea of how she can bring value to your Creo Routed Systems work from initial setup, to training and process improvement. 

CeDel Solutions launches catalog search tool

This week, at LiveWorx 2016, CeDeL Solutions launched its first commercial Java tool for Creo Schematics.

The tool greatly improves the efficiency when instancing components, wires and cables that are chosen based on values in a dataset.

This new tool reduces the number of clicks from around 20 to 8 and greatly improves the user's efficiency.

CeDeL Solutions will be at LiveWorx 2016

Once again CeDeL Solutions will have a booth a PTC's annual event, LiveWorx 2016 at booth B15.

LiveWorx 2016 logo

This has been an exciting year and we're looking forward to meeting friends old and new to discuss PTC Creo tools for schematics, cabling and piping.

We have also expanded our Java customization services for Creo Schematics and we will be demonstrating them on the booth. 

PTC Releases Creo 3

PTC has released Creo Parametric and Creo Schematics 3.0. 

Creo Schematics includes user interface improvements for handling designs and exporting content. It also provides an overall improvement in stability.

CeDel Solutions offering Java customization services

CeDeL Solutions is pleased to announce that we can now provide customized Java code to assist users with the creation, reporting and maintenance of their Creo Schematics (formerly Routed Systems Designer) designs. If you have specific requirements that are not addressed by the package as released then we may be able to address them using the Java toolkit that is available for users of RSD*.

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